Once you get this you have to answer publicly with five nice things about yourself then pass it on to ten of you're favorite followers

1. I am trustful

2. I care about others more about myself

3. I am welcoming to others

4. I try my hardest to succeed

5. shit i ran out of things

xx thank you halesbilinski for sending me this 

Harrison Webb 

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To Everyone

anyone. if any one of you need someone to talk to, i dont care what its about, i dont care if you are on anon, if any one of you need someone to talk to, please message me. i know what it feels like to be depressed, and just talking to someone can make the smallest bit of difference. if you need a heart to talk to, im here.


guys i feel bad im getting a lot of requests but i have really bad internet because im on vacation and im barley on my computer ill be home on thursday ill try my best to get a few in xx love u all xx ashton